Chimneys and ventilation

The final work on the house was to seal up the chimney and to install mechanical extract fans into the kitchen.  Unfortunately neither of these small tasks proved simple!  The original plan was to insert a chimney balloon into the chimney to prevent draughts coming into the house.  However, in order to do this a cap needed to be put on the chimney to prevent things falling onto the balloon.  Although we still had the scaffolding up access to the chimney from the roof was impossible due to the position of the solar panels on the roof.  The solution we decided upon was to brick up the chimney and install a “hit and miss vent” to provide ventilation.

The layout of the kitchen was such that there was no room in the wall for the extract fan.  Usually in houses like ours the fan would be placed in the window.  However, breaking the seal on the glass to install a fan would have had a very detrimental impact on the air tightness of the house.  We therefore had to put the extract fan in the ceiling and run pipework to the outside.

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