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Welcome to the One Planet Sutton retrofit project blog site.

Engaging residents

Between bidding for phase 2 of the retrofit project and winning the bid, two of our participating residents unfortunately had to drop out of the project.  Finding another two residents living in a property the same size, age and orientation as the 1st property was a bit of a challenge but we now have 2 more willing participants for the Decent Homes house and the control house.

Behaviour change programme

Part of developing a successful behaviour change programme is to understand what motivates the target audience and the barriers that they face to changing their behaviour.  Face-to-face and anonymous questionnaires were therefore conducted with each of the residents to identify these motivations and barriers.  BioRegional are now using this information to develop the behaviour change programme, which will comprise 4 workshops with the residents.  The first of which is on the 16th November.

Training for the construction professionals

Russell Smith from Parity Projects ran two training sessions with the main contractor for the project, Lakehouse, sub-contractors and the project management team from Sutton Housing Partnership.  The first training session “Techniques for significantly reducing energy consumption in existing buildings” provided an overview of the different methods of retrofitting energy efficiency measures to buildings, including draught-proofing, internal and external solid wall insulation and roof and floor insulation. Attendees to the session were given the opportunity to take an exam at the end of the session.  Once passed the exam gave them a module in a BTEC qualification, this is to try and stimulate the market for trained retrofit professionals.

The second training session: “Air Tightness and Thermal Bridging in Existing Buildings” provided a more detailed workshop on these two factors for those working on-the project site.  These two areas of retro-fit need the most attention paid to them if we are to achieve the carbon savings required.

Box bathroom and external render planning application

The new box bathroom that is being installed on the One Planet house required planning permission, which was applied for.  Initial consultation with the London Borough of Sutton indicated that the external render to the rear of the property did not need planning permission.  However, when we asked for a lawful development certificate, they reconsidered their position and required us to seek planning approval.  This has unfortunately delayed the project by six weeks.  However, planning permission for the external render was received today, allowing the project to start on site very soon.

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